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Tikkun Leil Hoshana Rabba

Rav Aberman at Tikkun Leil Hoshana Rabba in Ohel Efraim

This year the Tikkun Leil Hoshana Rabba for the whole Dati community of Ariel was held at Ohel Efraim.   We were honored to start the evening with a special guest from Yeshivat Har Etzion, Rav Moshe Aberman who expounded on the significance of Sukkot in the context of the yearly cycle of festivals.  Dr. Yosef Pri-El,  a scholar of parshanut, and a recent addition to the Ariel community, followed with a discussion of how the original significance of Shmini Atzeret has been overshadowed  by the later addition of Simchat Torah .  The evening was concluded by Rav Avner Nechushtan of Rechelim who spoke about deeper meaning of shaking the lulav.  Ohel Efraim was proud to host, and is planning more speakers in the future.

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  1. […] The Netzarim community has added a new element to religious life in Ariel which complemented some of the more veteran communities including Ohel Efraim and Shvut Ariel.  They brought a Yeshivat Hesder to Ariel and have a wide variety of social and religious activities.   Kehillat Ohel Efraim and Kehillat Netzarim have been partners in learning initiatives in the city. […]

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