A Breath of Fresh Air in the Mountains of the Shomron

Viewing Holocaust exhibition

Asara B’Tevet has been dedicated as Yom HaKadish HaKlali, a day to commemorate the Holocaust and say Kaddish for the many victims who do not have a Yartzeit.    Ohel Efraim and Beit Chabad in Ariel joined forces with the Holocaust Memorial Center in Ariel for a unique evening of Torah and history.  Rav Aharon Moshkovitz of Beit Chabad gave a shiur on the mitzva of Kiddush Hashem.  Rav Hillel Maizels gave a shiur on poignant teshuvot (responsa) written by Rabbi Ephraim Oshry during the Holocaust that detailed the Jews’ dedication to Torah and Mitzvot in the most trying of times.  After the shiurim Irena Wadislawsky the founder of the Holocaust Center in Ariel, and herself a survivor led a tour of the museum and shared her personal story.

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