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IDF Chief Rabbi visits us

Rav Ronsky

Rav Ronsky

As part of a city-wide Torah-learning initiative, Rav Avichai Ronsky, immediate past Chief Rabbi of the IDF and Rosh Yeshiva in Itamar, gave a shiur at Ohel Efraim Shul to a captivated audience.

Over 90 people in Ariel have committed to learning every day with the aim of finishing the whole of Shas (mishnayot and gemarot) by the end of the year.  At 6 intervals through the year, the group meets for a shiur by prominent Rabbanim.  On 22 Shvat it was Ohel Efraim’s turn to host and Rav Ronsky was invited by Rav Hillel to speak about Seder Nashim.

After presenting a fascinating survey of the inner strength of Jewish women throughout the Torah, Rav Ronsky revealed to the audience some of the halachic and ideological issues that face the religious IDF soldier today.  The evening concluded with a siyum and, obviously…food!

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  1. […] The start of a new year always gives us pause to think about the one coming to a close.  Here in Ariel a lot has happened over the last year and we hope for similar blessings in the coming year.  On a communal scale we have celebrated a number of births.   We have had a number of inspiring teachers come to Ariel who have raised the level of Torah learning. […]

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