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Shana Tova from Ariel

The start of a new year always gives us pause to think about the one coming to a close.  Here in Ariel a lot has happened over the last year and we hope for similar blessings in the coming year.  On a communal scale we have celebrated a number of births and a Sheva Brachot for a new family who made their first home in Ariel.   We have had a number of inspiring teachers come to Ariel who have raised the level of Torah learning, including Shani Taragin, Rav Moshe Aberman and Rav Runsky.

On the city level we have had recognition of the local college in Ariel as a University and we’re all excited about the start of several new building projects which will enable even more people to make their home in Ariel.   Wishing all of us a year full of health, happiness, spiritual growth and a deeper connection to Eretz Yisrael.