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Naftali Bennett in Ariel


Naftali Bannett in Ohr Zevulun. Find one of the youngest Ohel Efraim members on the left side.

We in Ariel were happy to welcome minister of commerce Naftali Bennett.  Naftali visited the local religious public school Ohr Zevulun.  The first and second grade classes welcomed the minister with Israeli flags.  He was promoting the importance of buying Israeli made “blue and white” products.


Yom Ha’atzmaut

Kehillat Ohel Efraim is always happy to be part of the city wide Yom Ha’atzmaut celebration for the religious community and this year was no different.  The davening and dancing were spiritually uplifting.  The presentation co-ordinated by Yochai Etias was inspirational.  This year a special tradition was instituted, where a shofar was presented to one of the recent Olim families.  Rav Hillel was proud to make the presentation, this special shofar will be passed along each year to the newest Oleh family.  We’re eagerly awaiting the next ones coming this summer!ImageIn the day time, the Ohel Efraim community together with Shvut Ariel had a joint tiyul in the Shomron, near Itamar.  Rav Hillel carried on the tradition of reading his original children’s book telling the story of Yom Ha’atzmaut!Image

Laying a stone for the Netzarim Shul in Ariel

Although we created this website to highlight what’s going on in Ohel Efraim, we took part in an event over Chol Hamoed Succot that we just have to share.  The community of Netzarim from Gush Katif has been living in Ariel since 2005.   They originally settled in the Ariel University dorms and eventually moved into a temporary caravan site near the college.   That has been the status quo since 2005.

The Netzarim community has added a new element to religious life in Ariel which complemented some of the more veteran communities including Ohel Efraim and Shvut Ariel.  They brought a Yeshivat Hesder to Ariel and have a wide variety of social and religious activities.   Kehillat Ohel Efraim and Kehillat Netzarim have been partners in learning initiatives in the city.

Rav Hillel lays a stone for the new Netzer Ariel Shul

We were happy to take part in the stone laying for the new Netzarim Shul in Ariel, in the neighborhood planned to finally give this community a permanent home.  The community was touched by the busloads of Mizrachi Olami members who came to join in the simcha!   We hope that the growth of the religious communities in Ariel grows for years to come.

Shana Tova from Ariel

The start of a new year always gives us pause to think about the one coming to a close.  Here in Ariel a lot has happened over the last year and we hope for similar blessings in the coming year.  On a communal scale we have celebrated a number of births and a Sheva Brachot for a new family who made their first home in Ariel.   We have had a number of inspiring teachers come to Ariel who have raised the level of Torah learning, including Shani Taragin, Rav Moshe Aberman and Rav Runsky.

On the city level we have had recognition of the local college in Ariel as a University and we’re all excited about the start of several new building projects which will enable even more people to make their home in Ariel.   Wishing all of us a year full of health, happiness, spiritual growth and a deeper connection to Eretz Yisrael.

New Housing Projects in Ariel


A view of the city of Ariel

Kehillat Ohel Efraim is a warm and welcoming community to new members, so we’re happy to let people know about some new building projects happening here in Ariel in walking distance from the shul.

1) One project is aimed specifically at the religious community and organized by Eli Arbiv.  There will be three buildings that will be across from the existing religious neighbourhood on HaArava St. The buildings will include 4 and 5 room apartments, as well as two storey ‘duplex’ apartments with 6 rooms. One of the goals is to repeat the success of the religious nreighbourhood by offering apartments in one, two, or even all the buildings depending on demand, with two sinks, succah balconies, and netilat yadiim outside the bathroom. Eli Arbiv already has a waiting list of religious people interested in buying. For more details call Eli at 054-246-5465.

2)  The Chanan Mor group is organizing a new affordable building project on Rechov HaArava.   At the moment 3 five story building are on sale, offering 96 units, including both 4 and 5 room apartments, garden apartments, and penthouses. The four room apartments start at 890,000 NIS and the five room apartments start at 1,050,000 NIS .

The project is based on the principles of green building: geared towards family and creating community, healthy building, electricity and water
efficient and environment awareness. The buildings are located close to schools and kindergartens, parks and playgrounds.

The Chanan Mor group will be holding a housing fair on the 7th of September
(to sign up call *2572 by 6/9) .

For early registration contact the office at the website below Chanan  Mor environmental building in Ariel http://www.hmg.co.il/


Ohel Efraim welcomes new members!

Ohel Efraim wishes a big mazal tov to the Tsirlin, Nakar and Lockerman families on the births of Akiva Shimshon, Nava and Meira Shoshana!


Akiva Shimshon and Nava getting to know each other!

A new site about the Ariel Anglo community!

There is a vibrant and growing Anglo community in Ariel.  We have recent Olim and English speakers who have spent most of their adult life in Israel.  We have Americans, South Africans, Canadians and British living in different communities throughout the city mostly centered around the various shuls.   Some of the anglos have started a new blog to give people a window into the community.  Check it out http://arielanglos.wordpress.com!