A Breath of Fresh Air in the Mountains of the Shomron

This year in Ohel Efraim we’ve been blessed with tremendous growth particularly of young couples and young families.  Part of this is due to an exciting development, the Ariel University is now offering student housing right next to Ohel Efraim!  If you’re interested please feel free to be in touch with us.

Some of these new young couples and singles got a chance to mix and mingle at our house on Motzei Parshat Va’era.  Good soup and good times were had by all.Image


Celebrating 25 years

Celebrating 25 years of vibrant communal life and spiritual growth in Ariel…

Come join us for an evening of Jewish song, Chazanut, Carlebach and stories.
Wed Jan 30th at the Ariel Heichal Hatarbut (Cultural Theater) @ 8:30pm
Tickets available directly from the Heichal Hatarbut or from the Shul (0505566457)

To sponsor extra tickets, please contact the Shul.


To sponsor extra tickets, please contact the Shul 0505566457

Channuka at Ohel Efraim

This year’s annual Ohel Efraim Channuka party was held at the home of Avi and Shelley Elefant.  We were happy to introduce new members, the Steinbergs and the Danielis and reconnect with established members.  Image

We enjoyed some great food including a wide variety of desserts.ImageImageOur Gabbai led us in Channuka candle lightingImageand everyone sang along!ImageIt was an opportunity for everyone to renew themselves, spiritually, socially and gastronomically on the holiday of re-dedication.

Parshat Vayigash

Why did Yaakov send Yehuda down to Egypt “to prepare the way” when Yosef was already there?

Although we created this website to highlight what’s going on in Ohel Efraim, we took part in an event over Chol Hamoed Succot that we just have to share.  The community of Netzarim from Gush Katif has been living in Ariel since 2005.   They originally settled in the Ariel University dorms and eventually moved into a temporary caravan site near the college.   That has been the status quo since 2005.

The Netzarim community has added a new element to religious life in Ariel which complemented some of the more veteran communities including Ohel Efraim and Shvut Ariel.  They brought a Yeshivat Hesder to Ariel and have a wide variety of social and religious activities.   Kehillat Ohel Efraim and Kehillat Netzarim have been partners in learning initiatives in the city.

Rav Hillel lays a stone for the new Netzer Ariel Shul

We were happy to take part in the stone laying for the new Netzarim Shul in Ariel, in the neighborhood planned to finally give this community a permanent home.  The community was touched by the busloads of Mizrachi Olami members who came to join in the simcha!   We hope that the growth of the religious communities in Ariel grows for years to come.

Open Succa!

Welcome to our Succa!

On the holiday of Succot we live for seven days outside in a temporary structure.  Succot are naturally open, you can often hear your neighbor’s zemirot or get a visit from the local wildlife.  Succot lend themselves to guests.  This fits nicely with a theme represented by the four species that all elements of Am Yisrael are bound together on Succot.

Happy to be in the Succa!

Our Succa this year was blessed to have two gatherings grace its walls.  On Friday night Shabbat Chol Hamoed Succot we invited the whole community for singing, Divrei Torah and snacks.  I taught a special song “Om Ani Choma אום אני חומה” that I learned from Rav Amital Z”L from my days at Yeshivat Har Etzion.

Come and have a bite!

On Shabbat afternoon Yael organized the first ever Ohel Efraim Succa Hop!  We visited the Kessin, Maizels and Buchbut Succa, had snacks, sang songs and told stories – but this time for the under seven crowd!

Ed:  All pictures were not taken on Shabbat or Chag!

Shana Tova from Ariel

The start of a new year always gives us pause to think about the one coming to a close.  Here in Ariel a lot has happened over the last year and we hope for similar blessings in the coming year.  On a communal scale we have celebrated a number of births and a Sheva Brachot for a new family who made their first home in Ariel.   We have had a number of inspiring teachers come to Ariel who have raised the level of Torah learning, including Shani Taragin, Rav Moshe Aberman and Rav Runsky.

On the city level we have had recognition of the local college in Ariel as a University and we’re all excited about the start of several new building projects which will enable even more people to make their home in Ariel.   Wishing all of us a year full of health, happiness, spiritual growth and a deeper connection to Eretz Yisrael.