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Tu Bishvat at Ohel Efraim


The youngest group coloring in!

Tu Bishvat is always a special time for kids at Ohel Efraim.   This year was no different as we hosted the annual Tu Bishvat event.  The older kids learned about which brachot we make including spices with a great powerpoint by Rav Hillel.


Learning about brachot


Powerpoint by Rav Hillel.


Special Besamim boxes with locally gathered spices.

They then made besamim boxes with Yael Lockerman.


Playing fruit bingo.

The younger kids played fruit bingo and made cut paper trees with Rabbanit Yael.  The youngest kids had fun with stickers and coloring in.

If you’re looking for a simple Tu Bishvat craft – try fruit bingo.  All you need are blank bingo boards 4) Bingo, and fruit stickers (or tree stickers).  Print out enough boards for all the kids, and then let them make their own boards by putting on stickers.  Put aside one of each sticker so that you can use them to choose a fruit to call out.  Let the Tu Bishvat fun begin!


Growth and Excitement at Ohel Efraim on Tu Bishvat

Reading Chanan Haganan

Our annual Tu B’shvat Event was a big success.  The shul was full of more than fifty children with over half being from families that regularly daven at Ohel Efraim.  The younger group started off with an Israeli classic story: “Chanan HaGanan”.  The children discussed their favorite fruits.

Making Shivat Haminim Medallions



This was followed by a craft project celebrating the Shivat Haminim, the special fruits of Eretz Yisrael.

The older kids started off thinking about the parallels between themselves and trees with Rav Hillel.  They discussed what their roots (parents) gave them, what they have in their trunk (themselves) and what they can give to others (leaves and fruit).

The tree and me!

Then they made recycled bottle planters with Yael Lockerman planting צנון radish and כובע הנזיר nasturtium.

Bottle planters







Thanks to Yael Maizels, Yael and Shlomo Lockerman, Lior Weiss, Mark Dver and Rav Hillel Maizels.