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Yom Ha’atzmaut

Kehillat Ohel Efraim is always happy to be part of the city wide Yom Ha’atzmaut celebration for the religious community and this year was no different.  The davening and dancing were spiritually uplifting.  The presentation co-ordinated by Yochai Etias was inspirational.  This year a special tradition was instituted, where a shofar was presented to one of the recent Olim families.  Rav Hillel was proud to make the presentation, this special shofar will be passed along each year to the newest Oleh family.  We’re eagerly awaiting the next ones coming this summer!ImageIn the day time, the Ohel Efraim community together with Shvut Ariel had a joint tiyul in the Shomron, near Itamar.  Rav Hillel carried on the tradition of reading his original children’s book telling the story of Yom Ha’atzmaut!Image


Yom Ha’atzmaut Tiyul

photo credit: Dorit Lang

Ohel Efraim joined another Ariel community, Shvut Ariel, for a very special tiyul on Derech Amichai near Eli.  The hike was just the right length and the spring was all ours when we arrived!  There was a meaningful Yom Ha’atzmaut story for the kids by Rabbi Maizels and a lotto game organized by the Mandel family.  We hope it becomes an Ohel Efraim-Shvut Ariel annual event!